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When I watch a BBC program on iplayer through the youview box the picture quality is terrible compared to watching the same program live through the same box. This is especially evident when I’m watching football as there will be a BBC logo next to the match score and another BBC logo behind it. If I’m watching live on BBC1 HD it’s perfect but if I press the green button to watch the same program from the start the picture is barely watchable. Is there an iplayer or youview setting that I need to alter?



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    Greetings, @SaorAlba, and welcome to the Community!

    What internet speed are you getting, and who is your ISP?

    In Settings on the iPlayer, you can choose Best Quality; is this set?

    Do you have a TV, tablet, or other device on which you can try the BBC iPlayer over your WiFi (and not over the mobile network) and see if it is the same, or if the problem is just confined to the Pro box?

    And note that if your Pro box is on a BT TV subscription, then BT should have given you a number to call, so they can support you directly, if the problem persists after trying the above.

    (Though maybe you have a grey market Pro box, in which case we are Obi-Wan Kenobi 😛)
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