Understanding the digital technology

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It all began with British Telecoms' 'packet switching' back in the years gone by. Basically, it doesn't matter how FAST your fibre or copper link is...20 megabit...100 megabit, or 1 gigabit. That is the speed of your local link to the LOCAL EXCHANGE BUILDING OR THE BUILDING TERMINATING THE 'LOCAL LOOP'.  From that point onward to the source of the data you want, be it to London, New York or the other side of the world...you will receive the data at the speed the distant server (computer) is able to send it. Here we sit wanting to see a pause-free programme when we are totally dependent on the amount of traffic (users) and the abil;ity of the server sending us this data... The bit of networking telecomms infrastructure between the sending server and your local telephone exchange also has a mind of its own.  The bottom line is, we generally receive all the data we want for standard or high definition data and that shows the ability of the worlds networks to keep us happy. BUT, you will now understand why watching UKTVPLAY, and others, have pregnant pauses in the flow of advewrts as they all come from different servers with minds of their own... Oh and it is not just the TV network...it's packet switching...upgraded by 40 years.. 


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    It's expensive as well
    Costs a packet 
    Deacon Blue hit from October 88
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    Everything is now moving to digital. As old analogue services will be fully phased out over the next 12 to 15 years.
    My work in the least year or so has changed some of there phones to voip handsets.
    Since moving from BT FTTC to Sky FTTC on a similar package just over 4 days ago my phone has become digital. Using the internet to make calls. Not that I will be using the service. As I got my mobile on o2.
    Now if you change isp they no longer offer an analogue phone service to new customers and BT is slowly moving there customers to there digital Voice service.
    Broadband is also slowly improving with Openreach in many parts of the UK with FTTP coming to my area in the next few months after being delayed twice.
    Depending on package and isp FTTC/FTTP can be dear. Hopefully wifi will keep improving as well. As some routers have better wifi coverage than others.
    Freeview over IPTV is also being looked at with BT already offering the service.
    Internet/Broadband is being used more than it was in the last few years for different services and most people including me now depend on a reliable internet/Broadband service.

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