(BBC) Radio Splash Screen

On my last version of the BT YouView solution, when I selected BBC Radio ("6 music") the then "colourful" splash screen (and notably different per station) contained the name of the Track (along with the artist) that was currently playing. This was refreshed every couple of minutes or so. The new version is a rather "bland" blue affair and there is no supporting information whatsoever.

Can this former screen be restored? Is there a parameter I need to switch on?  I note that the BBC Sounds App, still has this feature but I tend to access my radio from the YouView listing as this is much easier if I wish to navigate elsewhere.

If not, can this be applied? at the very least the "service" should be backward compatible (not removing useful customer functionality) and ideally we should have at least the time and duration of the program (time-left would be good too (as with Netflix!) and "what's on next". After all, this is probably all info readily available within the YouView system, if not, it should be. Now, although not a great effort in the grand scheme of things, it does cumulatively irk me a little that I have to interrupt my attention etc and navigate elsewhere to look for said detail.

For the Program Guide - movies (when connected to the internet/wired/broadband etc) should readily access the IMDB page (or similar) and reviews etc when "I"nfo is selected (or at least this should be configurable Option). Again, currently I have to pause the movie, then fire up my tablet and review this information before deciding to continue or not, which is not very user-friendly. Prime and Disney+ do this "type of thing" (although there's is not perfect either, I agree, but it is still far superior to the offering which we have now).

In short, these screens should be as helpful and informative to the user as possible!


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