YouView box slow to respond, recordings failing

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Hi, looking for some help please. I have a BT DTR-T4000 box which for the last few months has been getting slower and slower. Started around 4 months ago, channels slow to change, recordings failing. Did a reset at the time (keeping recordings) which seemed to help but now it has got worse over the last month.

Now unable to watch any recordings, just a black screen. Channels take around a minute to change over, and regularly screen will go black when just watching live tv. Interface itself does not seem to be affected. Signal quality is good and apps and software up to date. Currently on software version 32.144.0. Tried the reset which keeps recordings again but it has made no difference.

Have avoided doing factory reset and deleting all recordings so far as was hoping somebody might have similar experience and a solution before I try that. Any help greatly appreciated.
Many thanks


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Can I take it those were Maintenance Mode Option 2 resets that you were doing?

    In general, anything that affects your recordings in the way you describe points to hard disc corruption, for which the only solution is the Factory Reset/Maintenance Mode Option 5 (they are the same thing),

    If it’s just disc corruption the box should come back working OK again, albeit empty, as if just delivered; if the problems go deeper though - hardware - it may not improve at all, and it will be an ex-box.

    But with those boxes whose codes don’t start DTR-T1, the prognosis is usually favourable.
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  • AB2023AB2023 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Roy for the reply. Yes it seems as though it was disc corruption as the factory reset has worked and everything is running well now. Many thanks
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    That’s great, glad you got your box back.

    I hope you didn’t unavoidably lose too many recordings that you wanted to keep?
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