Is my DT2100 controller compatible with any DT2100 box?

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I have a controller from the DT2100 box I returned to BT (after threats of a charge of £80 if it wasn't returned at the end of my contract).
I'm looking at buying the same box on ebay and wondered if my controller would work with the DT2100 box I buy. Ones sold without controller or power (which I also have) are cheaper!


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    Yes they will work. The should work with any T2000 series box.
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    Greetings and welcome to the Community!

    I’m presuming you mean the DTR-T2100?

    In which case, the good news is that not only will the remote that comes with one of these work any other T2100, it will work any other Humax YouView box as well.

    I successfully use the older curvy remote that came with a T2000, and the T1000 before it, with our T4000, as I don’t like the central cluster of buttons round the OK button on the remote that comes with the T4000.

    The various remotes there have been:-
    differ in layout, the provision of buttons, how you program them to work your TV and perhaps one or two other things, but the leftmost five are interchangeable not just for the box model they came with, but across all of the Humax boxes. 
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