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We've had our Sony TV for a while but have been unable to remove youview from it. We have just connected our TV to an aerial giving us a multitude of channels. However youview has still not been activated and every time we try to look for channels it can't find any. Even though the aerial is fine as we can access them through the guide.

This means we can't access channel 4 streaming as it tries to connect to youview. This is very fustrating especially as all the help on here seems to have different menus to the ones on our screen.

I would youview to find these mysterious channels it's looking for and work properly or for it to be removed.

We have a SONY Bravia TV


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    YouView on Sony TVs has undergone a number of changes to the way it works, model year on model year, since being launched in 2015.

    This is why the Help can often show very different menus to what your set shows, as you are looking at Help that pertains to a later, or an earlier, model year from yours.

    To proceed, we will need the model number of your TV, to work out which iteration of the Sony/YouView interface you have. What you say about Channel 4 makes it sound like an early one, but that is not precise enough.
    You anyway can’t remove YouView, only move away from it to the Freeview side, and if you do that on the earlier TVs, you lose All4 and the itv Hub.

    Your comments about tuning confuse me a little though. There’s only one tuning process, so when it’s tuned on the ‘Freeview side’ it’s tuned on the ‘YouView side’ as well.

    The best way to deal with all the app nonsense on these Sony/YouView TVs, though, is to go and buy a Roku Express 4K, currently down to £30 in Amazon’s Spring Sale (so decide quickly before they go up again), and plug it into one of the TV’s HDMI sockets. No nonsense with the players as to where and when they will work or not, live streaming included, itvX even if your Sony TV will never ever do it, apps fast and kept up to date.

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