YVM2104 yesterday Chanel

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Has anyone sorted this fault on


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    Greetings @belly1 and welcome to the Community!

    There are several possible causes for this error message, mostly external to the YouView software on the TV and transient, so there is nothing in the YouView software that needs fixing here, as far as we know.

    However, YouView maintain a checklist for when this happens, hopefully to eliminate most of the possible causes, and it can be found via the link below.

    So, work through
    if you haven’t already, and see if this fixes things.

    If still no go, though, report back with the following additional information:-
    (i) who your ISP is and what broadband package you have;
    (ii) what model of Sony TV this is happening on;
    (iii) what, precisely, you were doing that provoked this error, and what happened;

    and we will go from there.
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