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Can anyone tell me how to access technical support for my Youview box supplied by Plusnet some years ago.  It's refusing to switch on and the phone number given to me by Plusnet is taking me round in circles.  Thanks


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Sorry to hear of your failed box; tremble, as we are probably your only hope.
    Plusnet will no longer be interested, as they have stopped supplying YouView boxes 😢

    Any lights at all? All cables firmly seated?

    Can you check if the power supply is still working? It should be giving 12v DC, if you have a multimeter, or know someone who’s got one. If no volts though, check the fuse in the plug; if it’s not that, or it’s low volts, eBay should turn up a replacement power supply.

    If the power supply is OK, though, the next thing to try is this, Option 2:-

    Follow the results for your particular box, as there are several variants of the YouView box, all different.

    Though maybe you can’t even get that far?

    If it’s completely dead, it maybe that a trusted local TV repairman can take a look under the lid and fix anything obvious, but don’t spend too much on it, as you can probably get a replacement from eBay or CeX, for under £50. Any ex-BT Humax DTR-T2xxx will slot right in, or a DTR-T4000 if you can run to it.

    No way of rescuing your HD recordings, though 😢
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    I got my a box an out of CeX 2 months ago after one of my Youview boxes packed in and it works just fine.
    With me my box only worked for a short while after I did a maintenance mode delete recordings. As factory reset keep recording failed on my boxin the end after a few weeks box finally packed in.
    I do think though that in the next few years its going to be a lot harder to get second hand Youview boxes. Then if your Youview box packs in and you are not with BT or TalkTalk then you are going to have to make do without Youview.
    I use my Youview boxes many to watch some live TV and occasionally record TV shows.
    @Roy seems a very good help on here and the once in the know about all things Youview and tech and has helped me in the passed and although I know all the basic tech stuff. Even I have to ask for help occasionally.
    I would try what Roy has said first before you go and look at getting another Youview box. Sometimes the box may not be worth getting repaired when You could find a second had box for under £100.
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    TalkTalk no longer provide YouView boxes either, so it's just BT.  😢
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    redchiz said:
    TalkTalk no longer provide YouView boxes either, so it's just BT.  😢
    Yes they do. The TV Hub but only to FTTP customers.
    The Hub, whilst android based uses YouView interfaces.
    But it is non recording.
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    The 4k box available on Full Fibre subscription  uses Freeview play.
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    kodikid said:
    The 4k box available on Full Fibre subscription  uses Freeview play.
    Yes, but that wasn't the statement.
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