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Hi, I keep getting the YVM105 message for on demand such as the iplayer and all 4. Initially I had my Huwaei box plugged in. I rebooted my router, I then tried a different cable from the router to the Youview box. No difference. I have bought a second Youview box and tried a BT one I already had, all the same. Finally, I have two internet connections so ran a cable from the other router, no change. My laptops and phone have internet access fine from both routers and the youview tv guides are fine. I am at a loss as to the root cause. Any ideas please?


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Have you worked through the Help on this topic?

    The YouView TV Guide is taken from the broadcast signal, so this would appear unaffected by internet connectivity issues. 
    (I say ‘appear’ because the programme information is sometimes augmented or replaced by extra metadata sent over the internet connection; but the difference this makes would be too subtle to notice, unless you could do an A/B between a connected box and an unconnected one, and this you can’t do at the moment).

    If the above won’t fix it, the next step is to take a laptop, turn off its WiFi, unplug the Ethernet cable from a YouView box that ought to be working and plug it into the laptop, and see if that has connectivity.

    If not, you have an issue in the chain of the Ethernet cable back to the router (via any PLAs, if you have that complication), and then to and through the router, which you need to find and deal with.

    However, if the above proves the connection is fine, plug the Ethernet cable back into a YouView box, and try a Maintenance Mode reset:-

    Start with your least favourite box, as they can get stuck in this process, if it doesn’t restore the connectivity.

    Use Option 2 initially, which preserves your recordings. 

    The most drastic Option, 5, is a Factory Reset, which clears the box back to how it would be if you had unboxed it today; worth trying on a box with no recordings, or at least none that you couldn’t bear to lose.

    Good luck - and please report back on your findings!
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    Cue candle analogy 
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    kodikid said:
    Cue candle analogy 

    I’ll see your ‘candle analogy’ and raise you ‘pour les autres’
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