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Just had YV installed this morning. An easy and trouble free experience. I still have Sky as my contract runs out in May and I'm hoping that YV will help me become Sky free.

A few initial thoughts.

1. Would like to be able to download on demand programs to the box, as I can currently due this with Sky. I often set a range of programs to download over night then access them through the planner. I would like to do this on YV.

2. If I were to get the boosts package I have to access those channels through the TalkTalk pages and not via the EPG. This is no good to me. The wife and kids will go spare not knowing how to access particular channels. This has to be merged into the guide.

3. Picture quality is superb.

4. Not keen on the remote, when I click the right left buttons I keep clicking the OK button. A combination of big hands and not very well placed / designed buttons.

5.On demand content is good, better than Sky.

6. The omission of Lovefilm Instant is a surprise considering TT are offering it free and clearly supporting and promoting it. I understand this may come later, but should have been present from the start.

Early days I'm satisfied with what has been produced so far and hope the users comments are taken on board to produce a killer box that will take on the likes of Sky. I wouldn't ditch Sky just yet, but I'm sure after some updates I will be in a position to do so.


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    1 - this has been asked for but it's up to the programme/rights owners to decide whether this could be enabled

    2 - this is a limitation of how the TalkTalk player works. The IPTV channels will be added to the EPG at a future date, along with the ability to record them.

    4 - the remotes differ with each box, IMO the TalkTalk looks naff

    6 - Each content provider has to decide to join YouView and built a Player for their content. Lovefilm hasn't done so yet and their absence inside the TalkTalk player is a question for TT and LF, YouView aren;t responsible for the TT or BT Players.
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    I am confident that in time most of the issues raised will be resolved, and looking forward to a feature rich PVR. Considering it's anew player I think they have done a good job.
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