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I have one of the Youview Humax boxes from the free trial period that now refuses to load up. Message on screen states 'Boot Fail. Invalid Signature!!' in both normal & maintenance mode. Current version on screen is v7.75. Please advise. Do I need to contact Humax direct as per instructions in trial end email?


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    Hi. Yes, you need to contact Humax who can arrange for the box to be replaced. Their customer support team telephone no. is 0844 669 8800. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Many thanks for prompt response, have emailed them now & will follow up with a call tomorrow. Any idea what causes it? I don't seem to be alone looking at this forum.
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    I hope you hear from Humax soon - their customer services team are very helpful in these situations. We've only seen a small number of cases, but that's not much comfort if it's your box, and we don't know the root cause - the error indicates that the software on the box (main YouView software or the maintenance software) could not be started and that could be caused by a hardware failure or an error in another low-level software component.
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    Yep - I've just had the dreaded boot fail, invalid signature message.

    I guess I'll have to go through the faff of digging out the box, waiting in for a courier, and losing all my recordings.

    How about a goodwill gesture humax???

    Not happy!
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    And another dead box here. The same BFIS message.
    Now desperately trying to remember what I had recorded. Would advise people to copy the recordings list onto a piece of paper! I am despairing of this modern electronic equipment.

    I've spoken with someone at Humax. They were very busy but very polite and helpful, and have arranged an exchange.
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    Just a final update. It took a few email messages but Humax organised a collection & replacement which happened yesterday & all is now well again.
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    Box arrived 13 November.

    BFIS this morning, 19 December.

    Pity, up until this morning was thoroughly impressed with the advances made over my trusty, old PVR9200T - which is about seven or eight years old and still dependably chugging away.
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    Well you were the lucky one to get a replacement. So far every request to their Support for information - real data, not the party line, has met with almost the same response. My last email on 10th which ended with a request for a replacement if recordings were indeed permanantly lost was responded with a single 16 word sentence. The last 11 words contained 2 factual errors and worded to blame the owner for resetting or retuning, not a known recovery routine glitch.

    Please note, I quote Humax Customer Support that if you reset OR retune their Youview box, your recordings are deleted. So presumably everyone who did a manual retune at the last stage of DSO should ask for their faulty box to be replaced!
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