No ITV Player (On Demand)

David TDavid T Member Posts: 2
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I'm on my second faulty set which does not have ITV Player (which I had on Humax Freeset Player)


  • MaxMax Member Posts: 75
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    Hi David T, please let us know if you are using a Humax or a Huawei box. Thanks!
  • David TDavid T Member Posts: 2
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    Its a Hawei and I've fixed the problem which 2 engineers and TalkTalk tech support should have known!! If you retune the set and select SOUTH instead of SOUTH EAST and update players....ITV Player appears. (I live in Sussex, South East IMHO)
    I worked this out as a I get ITV Player on my Humax Freesat and have a background in electronics and I.T.
  • Jim SuterJim Suter Member Posts: 31
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    This seems a common problem in the Sussex area
  • jazzington peabootsjazzington peaboots Member Posts: 1
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    its not working on my humax box and i live in northampton
  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,458 ✭✭✭
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    You have to select an ITV region when you tune the channels, or the ITV player won't work.

    Have you done this?
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