TalkTalk router + D0link DiR-615 router, client mode.


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    Not quite what you've got - is your D-Link router intended to be an extension of your main router, linked by wi-fi? - but my Humax is plugged into a NetGear switch behind the TV console, into which the bluray player is also connected for internet use.

    The NetGear, in turn, is connected to one of a pair of homeplugs, the other of which is wired to my Sky router which is my gateway to the internet.

    But if that's enough like what you are asking about, yes it works.

    I guess client mode on the D-Link means it won't attempt to assign IP addresses, but will hand this task off to the TalkTalk router?
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    Sorry for the confusion.

    The D-link and ISP Router are connected via wifi. I believe the d-link is on range. where as ISP is on range.

    I use this because I didn't want to run a wire from the kitchen to the living room. So as it stands, my Xbox 360, and PS3 connect ethernet into the D-link, which then is connected to the ISP router via wifi in client mode. So that the consoles can be played online.

    I believe it does just hand the task of the IP assigning off to the talktalk router though.

    (I'm at work atm) But the Talktalk (Brightsparks?) person came to the house and tried explaining to my girlfriend whos not very tech savvy. Stating that it HAS to come through the talk talk router.
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    If you can play the consoles online in your setup, I'd imagine your TalkTalk YouView box will be fine also.

    It's possible the BrightSpark didn't quite understand your setup. You could talk to the TalkTalk Helpline about it perhaps.

    But the classic question when somebody says 'It has to be done this way" is "What will happen if I don't?"

    If TalkTalk's answer would have been "It won't work at all", and it does, you're fine.

    But if the answer would have been (say) "It will still work, but your On-Demand will be counted against your monthly Gb allocation, instead of being separate", then that's a bit more subtle.

    I think it's the former, rather than the latter, but you never know.

    Worth a phone call anyway.....
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    Thanks Roy, I'll give it a go and find out!
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    The only thing that worries me about this set up is that you will have three devices connected to the d-link but the dlink is then forcing all this data down one wireless client connection to the TalkTalk router.

    I would expect some buffering to occur when using VoD on the youview box.
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    Thanks for your reply. I wont have those three devices all on and working at the same time (they're all hooked up to the one tv. so only when I'm using it will it be on). I can't see there being any kind of bandwidth issues. I used this sort of thing with the ps3, xbox, PC, laptop and phone all connecting through that router in the old house. Had no buffering issues.

    I was just wondering if there was something more to the youview connectivity than just using the Internet.
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    The problem will most likely be that multicast video streams won't make it over wifi, so you potentially could use the core YouView features fine but not the TalkTalk Player IP-delivered live streams.
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    I thought the youview spec meant that wifi should be supported in the future, therefore streaming over wifi not a problem. You might get some buffering but suck it & see. I'd expect the bandwidth of the network would need to be 270mbps+ if one of the hubs is an old 54mbps router you may have problems.
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    My setup is Netgear DG834 router under the stairs (out of sight), Huawei Youview box, Powergrid ethernet adapter running as a lan extender with 1 part of the powergrid next to the Huawei Box and the other net to the DG834 - works fine.

    Bottom line is as long as you can get ethernet and connect to your 192.168.x.y network, Youview will work
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