Retail Humax Box - Implications of a new TalkTalk connection

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I realise that there are other topics that touch on this, but I am posting a new topic, because I want to ask about a specific circumstance.

For several years now, I have been on TalkTalk's business tariff. This comes from being signed up to a business ISP that TalkTalk took over. Service has always been good, so I haven't thought of moving.

When YouView first happened, I enquired of TalkTalk if (a) I was eligible for a YouView box as a business customer; and (b) if not, what would happened if I changed to a residential account. The answer to (a) was no - the two were run as completely different companies; and (b) several things, but most seriously, I would lose my fixed IP address, which I rely upon for work.

So I bought my own YouView box, at retail. It has worked fine, with no interference from the ISP.

However, I have been told that in March, the business account with be merged with TalkTalk Plus. Phoning them for details I have been told the following:

a) I will not lose my fixed IP address.
b) I am entitled to the TV package for free
c) Once the switch happens, I am entitled to a TalkTalk Huwei YouView box.

So my questions are:

1) When the switchover happens, what will happen to my existing Humax box. Will it be pushed the TalkTalk content and apps. If so, is there any downside to this.

2) When they deliver my Huwei box, can it co-exist with the Humax?

3) Once connected via TalkTalk Plus, will this affect my ability to receive timely updates on my retail Humax box?

To be honest, I am not entirely sure I need two boxes (being single, there is only so much TV I can watch), although a spare is always useful, I guess. More to the point, I want to avoid in advance any issues that might happen to my existing Humax box between the service changing and my new box arriving. If moving to the new package means my retail box is then hostage to TalkTalk's update schedule, then I might simply change my ISP.

Hope I have made everything clear.


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    I believe it is only the Huawei boxes that are stuck with TalkTalks schedule. Your Humax should update as normal. The only difference you should see is that it will probably pick up the TalkTalk branding and player app. Can't see it having any other impact than that.
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    I have a Humax, from the trial, and a Huwei from having renewed my TalkTalk Plus. However, I don take TalkTalk content as there is enough to watch without paying. From my experience the answers I can give are:
    1) The Humax shows a TalkTalk option and it registered. This immediately blocked the other one as only one box can be registered. I suggest you register the Huwei.
    2) They both run happily and run Players in parallel. We also have a FetchTV box and that runs OK when I use it as do PCs.
    3) They both update OK, in their own time. Humax first then the Huwei.

    Basically, they dont know about each other, why should they, and TalkTalk have not detected the Humax. Not sure how they would as is the other side of the router. From a traffic point of view is it any different to a PC running Iplayer?
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    Hi Chris,

    At the present time you won't be able to access the TalkTalk TV Player via your Humax box. If you want the additional content, or the facility to subscribe to additional IPTV channels, you will need to get the Huawei box.

    This may change in the future, particularly when multicast becomes enabled on Humax boxes, but there is no definitive information on this from TalkTalk.

    You may do better to post your query directly on the TalkTalk forums , although I would be surprised if they are able to tell you much different.
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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    So if I understand correctly, if I ignore the TalkTalk player (if it appears on my Humax), and wait for the Huwei to arrive and register TalkTalk on that, then my Humax will stay largely as it is, and TalkTalk content will work via the Huwei.

    That sounds ok to me, and I may as well carry on with the ISP I know.

    Having said that, BT have been installing fibre cabinets just at the end of the road...
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    Just thought I would add an end to this story. My service was due to change on March 17, that day came and went without interuption to my service, which indicated to me that it had either gone smoothly, or not at all.

    On March 20, I received a letter from TalkTalk, marked "URGENT", and sent second class. In it, it said that the change that had been planned for March 13 (sic) had been postponed "for technical reasons", and wouldn't happen now until September.

    All I can say is that I am glad I bought my box, and didn't wait.
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