April update: One old bug and one new bug

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1) Stil ignoring every other press of Play or Info during playback;

2) HDMI handshaking not as reliable as it was before: Getting the Pink Screen Syndrome since the update. Work-around here is to switch input on the TV away from then back to the Youview box.


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    Doesn't pink screen presage box failure? I particularly checked the CEC handling straight after the update, and saw no change (which was the expected result) with CEC working perfectly after a reset, but then no longer switching inputs after a while.

    But other than that, BAU, and certainly no pink screens.
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    Doesn't pink screen presage box failure?
    Eek - I hope not. It is something I have had on and off ever since receiving the Humax trial box last June. Sometimes it can go weeks without happening and then rear its annoying little head. A quick off/on via the remote always does the trick for me.
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    It can just indicate an HDMI timing issue, and not a defect as such. I never see a problem with my LG, Sony, or Toshiba TVs at home and work when connected directly. But I do see a problem every week or 2 when using a cheap HDMI switcher.

    If you get a pink screen regularly when connecting to 2 different TVs it could be a hardware problem.
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    But in this case I hardly ever got a pink screen before and now consistently (well three out three) do with the only change being the new software.
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    Hi gomez, we are sorry to hear you are having this issue. Could you please call our Viewer Support team so we can look into this with you?
    You can find our contact details here: http://www.youview.com/support/kb/use...
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    Hi there,

    Since the March update I, too, have been experiencing the pink screen on my Sony TV via HDMI. I've also started receiving an copy protection error message every now and again on HD channels. To resolve both of these, I have to switch to an input that's not HDMI, and then back again. This has only happened since the March update.

    I'm still getting the really annoying 'Your channels have changed, YouView has updated your listings' banner message at least 3-4 times a day', but YouView haven't been very helpful in resolving that (that started after a software update early on in the trial period).


  • PiersPiers Member Posts: 561 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    gomez - it's possible that the new software just triggered something that was previously *just* inside the allowable timings on your hardware. I've not seen it happen regularly on any boxes trial or retail boxes here.

    Also can you describe the "Stil ignoring every other press of Play or Info during playback" problem in more detail? If you've already logged a support call, I can get info from that hopefully but sometimes it easier to discuss here.
  • Steve ThackerySteve Thackery Member Posts: 13
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    I, also, have noticed this "ignoring every other key press" problem. I've observed it in two scenarios:

    1/ When playback is paused, I sometimes have to press 'Play' twice to make it play.

    2/ When fast forwarding a recording, I sometimes have to press 'Play' twice to switch from fast forward to play. This is a nuisance as it's then gone past where I wanted it, so I need to rewind.

    Happy to help if there's any more information you require.

  • Steve ThackerySteve Thackery Member Posts: 13
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    Oh, and my machine displayed the pink screen problem just this evening. It has happened a couple of times in the past, so it is rare but definitely there.

    Switching off and on again with the remote fixes it.

  • CiceroCicero Member Posts: 345
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    Steve Thackery:-
    "When playback is paused, I sometimes have to press 'Play' twice to make it play."

    me too.

    And the pink screen quite often. Switching into standby and out again cures it.


    Pink screen only on startup, not during normal operation.
  • tracestraces Member Posts: 199
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    Had pink screen for the first time today after attempting to chase play Suits with two channels recording.

    Selected the episode and pressed play, a black screen appeared so waited 30 seconds and pressed Stop and then suddenly a pink screen.

    Not updated to latest firmware.
  • gomezgomez Member Posts: 2,073 ✭✭
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    Used the Youview box this morning for the first time since I reported the issues above. No pink screen and not missing every other Play press during playback.

    The difference I think is that today the box started from full standby (High Eco mode for what it is worth) while the reports above (I think) related to to being turned on from recording standby (ie an active recording was in progress). So for now will keep a watching brief on this.
  • gomezgomez Member Posts: 2,073 ✭✭
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    Ok. After more usage I am convince the Pink Screen phenomena was just a coincidence and not had a recurrence either out full standby or recording standby.

    The ignoring of every other Play button press now seems to have gone away. I am thinking that this was fixed as part of the last release either explicitly or as a side-effect of fixing the runaway Skip button but needed at least one restart from full standby mode to kick in.

    So as far as I am concerned these are now ex-issues. They are no more. They have gone the way of the Norwegian Blue.
  • Steve ThackerySteve Thackery Member Posts: 13
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    I agree - the pink screen problem on my box has happened ever since I bought it, and has been unaffected by any software updates. It occurs very rarely - at least several weeks between each occurrence.

    I think it is some subtle hardware issue related to the HDMI interface. It may even be an incompatibility with the TV, rather than an actual fault. Two different chipset manufacturers might have interpreted the HDMI standard slightly differently.

    Pure conjecture, I know, but I just want to emphasise my opinion that the Pink Screen is not a software issue.
  • Steve ThackerySteve Thackery Member Posts: 13
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    Yet again I agree with gomez - the problem with missed button presses on the remote seems to have gone away, presumably as a side effect of fixing the "runaway rewind" problem.

    Yay! This is looking good. I'm not aware of any other bugs (in my pattern of usage, I mean), which is very impressive.

    All we need now is some of those change requests to get picked up. :-)
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