A small tweak needed?

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This is a very minor problem I have with my YouView box, and I'd just like to know if it's just me or does anyone else share this...

I have a daily pattern of behaviour each morning. I watch the last hour of BBC Breakfast and then change channel for a bit of Radio 3.
To do this I press 703 on the remote.
Maybe my button-pushing skills are unusually poor, but I find this quite hard to do, and I'm convinced that the time windows within which the box accepts these commands are just a bit too narrow.
I would guess that to change this would be a trivial software modification.
Does anyone else support the idea of a small tweak?


  • CiceroCicero Member Posts: 345
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    In common with many remotes it is hard to fit a three-digit button press in in the allotted time. For radio I use 700, which is easier since you only have to press 2 buttons, then up-arrow to 703 or 704. Similarly 100 gets to HD easily.
  • alal Member, Super User Posts: 1,341 ✭✭✭
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    Now that you mention it I've been feeling a bit of a slow poke when typing the channel manually. Other devices show the button press immediately but the youview likes to store them up and just choose the first one or two buttons. It always takes me a few goes to get to the right channel.
  • Geraint MorrisGeraint Morris Member Posts: 772
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    I agree it's quite frustrating sometimes to enter the channel numbers in time. Seems to be worse in the guide or the mini guide. I use a Harmony Touch on my main TV and it has a touchscreen for the numbers which makes it even trickier.
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    An alternative way would be to go to the EPG and set a Watch reminder for Radio 3? The box is weak in this area of its functionality though so you would have to do it each day possibly during a dull feature on the breakfast show.

    Or just navigate to Radio 3 on the EPG at the time you want to switch?

    Or get a Harmony universal remote and set up a macro sequence that does the 703 OK for you?
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    My DigitalStream PVR provides an enormous amount of time to get the codes in. But if you are happy you have it correct, and don't want to wait out the rest of the time allowance, you just press OK for an immediate switch.

    Maybe YouView could adopt this approach?
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