If I don't use Talk Talk phone and broadband, can I use their free "You View" ?

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    †TalkTalk Plus TV, broadband and phone
    Subject to status, acceptance & availability in your area. 18 month min term & conditions apply credit check may apply; existing Plus customers subject to 24 month contract. Payment by Direct Debit only. You must take TalkTalk line rental. Plus TV, broadband & phone customers entitled to a free YouView box. £200 charge applies for your YouView TV box if you leave in your minimum term. YouView subject to aerial reception, minimum line speed of 3mbps (5mbps for TV Boosts)....If you already have a Set top box and do not want our FREE Set top box we will be unable to process your order online, please call us on the number above.

    I believe there's also a £50 installation/activation charge.
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    Not sure what you are asking, Julia.

    YouView is served from a settop box.

    If you have a TalkTalk YouView settop box from somewhere, and broadband of some sort, you can use the same YouView facilities as us owners of retail Humax YouView boxes, but none of the TalkTalk extras.

    If you don't have such a settop box, though, you can't get a free one from them without subscribing to their phone and broadband.

    Does that, plus the above from sam, answer your question?
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I asked because there is one for sale and I'd like to have the different channels you get with it, but I don't have Talk Talk broadband. In view of this I was wondering if it would work and if it could be set up to function with my TV I'm a OAP and don't want to buy something I can't use.
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    Hi Julia.
    As long as you have broadband you can use the YouView box for normal viewing and catchup, it's not for TalkTalk alone. But if it's a TalkTalk box for sale second hand that you're looking at you might be better off buying a new one, with a guarantee, at Currys online, for £100.
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    Anyone who is selling a TT box should have paid their £200 to leave within the minimum term, or it isn't theirs to sell. And if updates for TalkTalk boxes only come over TT broadband, such a box would be frozen in time, and receive no future updates. And if it developed a fault, you have no way to get it fixed.

    As Cicero says, if you want what YouView provides - no extra channels beyond those any Freeview box or TV will get, and no better recording facilities than cheaper PVRs, but the unique seamless backwards EPG for (selected) programmes you might have missed - then as Cicero says, a brand new Humax T1000 from Curry's is your best bet, coming as it does with a full guarantee.

    But don't let them talk you into paying nearly three times as much for a BT-branded one; that's a lot to pay for a logo and a branded remote!
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