Can I use youview in an outbuilding? (wireless)

Gary TamagnoGary Tamagno Member Posts: 2
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My outbuilding has no connections with the main house I can only pick up the wireless I've tried the power line adapters with no luck any help?


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    See for some discussion of wifi solutions.

    Good luck. If it doesn't work, try uk.rec.sheds. :-)
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    You can try and use a wireless signal extender like this one here:
    Nice little piece of kit, that picks up your wi-fi signal and lets you connect your youview box to it by the LAN cable (which is what you are trying to achieve i believe) At the same time it improves the quality of wireless signal in your outbuilding (for laptop , smartphone tablet etc..)I never used it on the youview box but tried and it works with my kids Wii console ,The principle is the same, you get a socket to stick your Lan cable into and the signal between the house and outbuildings is transfered wirelessly, rather than using your electricity circuits.
    PS. The link above is for information only and is not to my listing. You can google and find one a lot cheaper, or search ebay.
    I paid for mine on ebay 10quid + p&p
  • Gary TamagnoGary Tamagno Member Posts: 2
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    Many thanks guys will try that and let you know thanks again for your help !
  • Adrian Wood1Adrian Wood1 Member Posts: 235
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    I have had a lot of success and been very impressed with a "YouView SKY Wireless connecter" (for example listing 330847568617 on Ebay costing £15.99 including postage). Similar to the above idea, so easy to use - once set up on a PC you just plug it into the Youview box using the supplied network cable and USB cable (so it is powered directly via the USB port on the Youview box). It is very neat and only uses 1.5 watts (or zero Watts when in High Eco standby). I had to cover up the LEDs in my bedroom though!

    Everything has worked just as well as when using a wired connection directly to my router.

    I'm planning to buy one for an Xbox too. It has many other uses - for example when travelling to convert wired internet to wireless.
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