Why I am going back to Sky

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Well, not me personally, but an interesting thread nonetheless from the TalkTalk forums, I suspect these users may be typical in their exasperation over certain shortcomings in the YouView/TalkTalk TV service set against the established appeal of Sky, notably in the ability to record.



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    Just had a quick read of that. Whats with the channels freezing issues? Is this actually a widespread problem? And is it just on DSL, fibre, or both?
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Sounds like the original poster didn't know exactly what YV was before signing up for it. Never a wise move, really.
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    @ Visionman - the freezing issue tends to happen on low-speed copper connections, the ADSL just isn't up to it, basically.

    @ stuart621 - you could say that, but in fairness most posters recognise that other features are "coming soon," they just don't want to wait. The good news from YV's point of view is that they seem to be prepared to reconsider at some point, the widespread antipathy to and desire for anything-but-Sky is still clearly out there.
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    I adopted YV as soon as it was available in the hope I could become Sky free. I still had 6 months left on my Sky contract so the plan was to run both with a view to ditching Sky in May. Well May has come and gone and I'm still with Sky. 2 main reasons

    1. Can not record Sky channels - This is such a basic requirement I'm flabbergasted it was rolled out without this feature.

    2. Sky channels not incorporated into the EPG.

    Until these two issues are resolved there is no way I can, or will ditch Sky.

    I still have high hopes for YV and just hope enough people hang in there to make it worthwhile. Currently my box is sat on top of my Sky box unused.
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    to add my 2p i was recently offered a free years skytv and broadband which at the time i took as was drunk and heard the word free. now many may think me stupid but the next day upon soberness i then attempted to cancel this order, as why the hell i want sky even free was just a bad thing for me.

    well took several emails several live chats and several different call centers to cancel a free offer, this to me proves how evil they are and i can just imagine how difficult they would have made it for me once the free offer had ended.

    so for me even FREE SkyTV is no no no

    Youview all the way...... dam we need a anthem i can sing lol
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