Recording (Downloading) on-demand/catchup content.



  • Adrian1Adrian1 Member Posts: 22
    edited 28 August 2013, 7:06PM
    Recording, pause, rewind of internet channel's is coming soon so it can't be much more of a leap to record on demand? The EPG backward feature could be so much more! Scroll back and record a programme via on demand players and the feature I want is the ability to set reminders which are kept for 7 days and listed in my view, from there you could select the reminder to watch on demand or record, hope that makes sense? Can Youview people confirm this will happen? I love Youview but I feel they need to get out of this development stage and become a more stable platform!
  • Jim SuterJim Suter Member Posts: 31
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    It doesn't matter what the 'standard' is, download or stream. The issue is that being able to download content is a really useful feature for both those on slower speeds and also those on higher speeds.

    I have a 76mb connection, plenty fast enough for streaming but I still download on demand from Sky as a choice. I set up multiple downloads before going to bed and they are all there ready in the morning.
  • brian mylesbrian myles Member Posts: 1
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    This would be good for me too. I have slightly less than 3mbps and we aren't on the plans for the roll out of BT's fttc, so there will not be any improvement any time soon.

    Generally I find it perfectly usable, despite being under the minimum. BBC iplayer does drop out though at peak times. Oddly though, NowTV never drops out.

    Come on YouView, still considering after 12 months. We need to be able to record from the catch-up players...Sky do not appear to have a problem with this so what is holding things up at YV?
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