Huawei sound drop outs

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Ever since the 70.30.09 update I've experienced very poor response from the box's UI and issues with the sound gradually reducing, voice more than background stuff to a point where you can hardly hear anything.

A soft reset restored about 50% of the performance over the previous software version.  So it's still not good, just better than it was.

But the sound issue remains.  Occasionally the sound level will restore itself on its own, but more often than not I have to pump up the volume to kick in the voice channel and boost the background.  Since I haven't found others reporting this issue I'm guessing it's a 'local' problem but how do I establish the culprit?

I have a PS3 playing through my Sony amp over HDMI and that doesn't suffer sound issues.  The TV plays back through the amp over optical and that doesn't have an issue. 

So what can I try next?

or, are others experiencing this and just not said?  Unlikely I know ;-)


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    Same here. It seems like the front l/r and centre channel volume drops to almost zero while the rear surround channels stay at normal level. It happens with both live tv and recordings, and switching channels doesn't fix it.
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    Yup, I had a sustained drop out yesterday and took the opportunity to switch channels and play around with other ui's to see if it made any difference. It didn't. The only solution was to up the volume until it broke through and then return the volume to normal settings.
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    Forgot to say I have a Humax BT box not a Huawei, so given that the symptoms sound identical, it must be an issue with the common YouView software. It only started happening a week or so ago.
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    TT engineer has been.  Changed box to stereo from surround and tried to tell me the volume had increased.  Errr well yes but that's hardly the point. 

    Then he tried to call up the Bright Sparks Test Channel that just returned an error code of TTG-894 at which point he asked if I had TT Powerline adapters and router (I don't, never offered the powerline adapters and their HG533 router was swapped out within a month of getting the service because it dropped my wireless printer off the network.  Went back to my trusty Billion BiPack router which has done stirling stuff ever since).  So that provided his "get out clause", ah well your box wont update he says.  Errr it has the latest software on it, how'd you suppose it got there?  And how does that impact on my sound issue, it's not like I get sound over the internet now is it?

    Engineer [cough] completed his report form and left.

    Good grief! 

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