menu and guide so slowwww

Jonathan D RobertsJonathan D Roberts Member Posts: 1
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navigating through the guide etc is so slow. When i press the buttons on the remote their is usually a delay when it actually does something. For example i scroll up to a show i want to watch and click on it.... a few seconds or more later it finally comes on. When i press up or down on the menu it also delays Very annoying


  • KeithKeith Member, Super User Posts: 2,448 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Jonathan - depending on the nature of the slowness have you tried rebooting the box, e.g. wait until nothing is recording, put the box in standby and then touch the blue ring or power button for 8 seconds until it starts a reboot. Alternatively having put it in standby turn it off at the back, wait 20 seconds and then turn it back on.

    If that changes nothing can you give a bit more info about the box you have, e.g. is is a TalkTalk Huawei box, a BT Humax DTR T1000, BT Humax DTR T2110, retail Humax T1000 or retail Humax T1010. Also what software version does the box report it is running? How long have you had the box and has it always been this slow?

    Generally people have remarked that the guide is not as fast as they might like but what you are describing sounds slower in general than the descriptions of slowness most people give.
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    Yes the EPG can be slow to load. I have a retail Humax box and the EPG can lag behind especially when moving forward and back several days. You would think that the data would be held in memory for instant access but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's worse on TalkTalk Huawei boxes, apparently. Which box are you using?
  • Andy JWAndy JW Member Posts: 20
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    My box has been very slow since the March 2014 software update. An internet download & recovery sorted it out.
    This has happened to my box before after updates.
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