BBC channels terrible signal in North West London

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BBC channels terrible signal in North West London, all other channels are perfectly fine and no reported engineering works. All retune, restart options failed to solve the problem. Any ideas??


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    If all other channels are fine, you must be watching the SD versions of the BBC channels. Their HD channels share muxes with other broadcasters so if it were a tuning/transmission fault the other HD channels would be similarly affected. Why not watch the HD versions?

    Assuming that you are tuned to Crystal Palace and not Alexandra Palace, it might have been a problem with the playout from the BBC's centre. (That is a possibility as I was watching live iPlayer on my phone and had problems I put down to the phone signal at around the time you posted this).

    If you are not receiving BBC Four HD, Al Jazeera English HD, the Community Channel HD, Channel 4+1 HD or 4/7HD; your aerial may well be directed towards Alexandra Palace which was designed to deal with multipaths (ghosting) from the analogue transmissions from Crystal Palace and weak signals caused by the buildings in central London and some local geography. The digital signals are much more robust so you might consider re-siting your aerial at some point. The transmitter for these is less powerful so even if you are getting the signals from Crystal Palace, there might be a problem getting these and the new London Live station on LCN 8 which is broadcast on even lower power.
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