Stretch screen image for non wide-screen programmes

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Is it possible to implement a feature that gives you the option to stretch the image of non wide-screen programmes to avoid having huge black bars down the side of the picture.

Sky does it so it can be done


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    Hi Martin - there was a time on this forum when such a feature was regularly discussed and debated. If you search for stretchyvision you will find various related topics. You will find this idea/need captured as item 89 in the consolidated list of improvements and feature requests. The second reference links there for that item has a post from me to numerous other old threads on this too :)
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    Thanks for the reply
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    No, for better or for worse.

    YouView embeds the 4:3 (12:9) picture in the 16:9 widescreen frame, thus giving a 2:9 black bar each side, so as far as your TV is concerned, it's getting a normal widescreen picture, and there's nothing to expand.

    Search for 'stretchyvision' in the Community search to read about this highly divisive issue, where those of us who think car wheels should be round and Posh Spice should not be set back twenty years are given dire warnings that we will be ruining our screens, much as if we were making a face when the wind changed :-(

    Personally, I think that YouView should implement 4:3 passthrough so users have the choice to stretch or not to stretch, but I will elect not to stretch since that is what the director intended.

    But those who want to stretch should be free to do so, I think.
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