Broadband/Internet Connection on and off (YVM102?)

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Have Openreach connection to YouView box and Homehub5. Internet speed is fine, download 35MBPS. For the last year the connectivity has been fine - over last few days though the Homehub cuts the internet connection - goes from blue, to orange, and after a few minutes finds the connection again, then immediately loses it and refinds it. Kicks mobile, YouView and laptop off wifi. The internal cables are all connected fine, and the TV reception for TV via aerial is fine. Sometimes Youview just tells me that the internet connection is lost - and has started giving code YVM102, but none of the FAQs from BT resolve it. I'm being kicked out every few hours every day.....  any ideas!


  • redchizredchiz Member, Super User Posts: 5,475 ✭✭✭
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    YVM102 is telling you no more than that your internet connection is lost, which you already seem to be well aware of! It looks like there may be a wider problem with your router and/or broadband service which you will probably need to take up with BT.
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    i fear that may be the case Chiz. Thanks for your comment though. Only had new Homehub and engineer out few months back, annoying
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    Have you tried removing power from your hub for ten seconds & reconnecting? Don't just reboot but remove power.
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    Router needs to be disconnected for at least 5 minutes to guarantee making a new connection.
    10 seconds may solve the problem but ISP's recommend up to 30 minutes if you are having a problem.
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    thanks Mike & Nigel - i'll try full power disconnect for half hour
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