Problems with DHP-300AV linking to DHP-W310AV units

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TalkTalk WiFi extenders (D-Link products) - I have a TalkTalk DHP-300AV which linked via the power circuit (after a some interesting fiddling around) with a DHP-W310AV to extend my WiFi upstairs. Wishing to extend the range further, I bought another 310AV but on trying to set the new one up, neither will now work ! There is no 'home' light lit on the original 300AV unit either. Does anyone know of a foolproof way of making this system work please ? The company says the units are plug and play, with little IT skill needed - pull the other one, unless I'm being particularly dim !


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    It's likely you need to turn them on in a specific sequence with the one connected to your router either first or last. A bit of experimenting should let you find out which.
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    Are you following the instructions in :-

    to the letter?

    This does prescribe a very specific pairing sequence, device by device, which it might be quicker and more satisfactory to follow, since a 'bit of experimenting' with three devices involves rather a lot of possible combinations :-)

    It is often worth initially pairing (or in this case trilinking) the adaptors on a single extension socket, so that you are sure they are electrically close, but this must not be a surge suppressing extension socket, and when you place the adaptors where you want them to work, ensure they are directly on a wall socket, not any sort of extension cable.
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    The way I've found to solve such issues when adding more adapters is to switch off all of them. Then switch on the original pair which usually come paired from the factory. Then pair each of the additional adapters with these in turn. Best to do this with them in a double socket. As Roy states, messing around with 3 or 4 adapters gives far too many combinations. Also it might be worth pairing one 'foreign' adapter with the original pair, then unplug it and pair the other one. After that they should all connect next time they're switched on.

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