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    M C said:

    Hi Guys,


    This is all very interesting.  I am having exactly the same problem with a brand new ‘BT’ YouView box but I don’t think it’s down to Hannington.  I am receiving from the Mendip transmitter.  I live about 8 miles south of the TX, slightly over the brow of a hill but within the predicted ‘good signal’ area.


    I am getting all main multiplexes from that transmitter with the exception of Com7.  (I also don’t get the LBS service but that is beamed away from me and is only 10KW). 


    The full power multiplexes from Mendip are 100KW.  Com7 is 72.4KW.  Com8 however is only 17.5KW and I’m receiving that, (not that I watch much QVC!)


    Despite several re-tunes, no Com 7.


    Here are some readings....


    Com7 – Ch33  72.4 Kw  No Signal


    Com8 – Ch35  17.5 Kw  Signal strength 10% to 20%


    BBCA – Ch 49 100 Kw  Signal strength 47%


    BBCB – Ch 58 100 Kw  Signal strength 34%


    Box is the BT Humax one.  DTR – T2110 500.


    Sounds like software to me but how long before BT update, never mind YouView or Humax!  L

    lol - lets hope it stays for you.  Annoyingly a software update may knock them out for you and there seems to be no way of stopping an auto download other than pulling the ethernet cable out overnight!
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    So a new development....

    Having had Com 7 back for nearly two months....last night I lost every channel....all of them.  The box tells me that the signal is too weak....

    The other TVs in the house have no problem (including the one which has its aerial signal passed through the Youview box), and my old Youview box has no issues


    any thoughts?  

    I havent rescanned, previously this hasnt helped...

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Hi Guys

    Has there been any advance on this issue? - I have now lost COM7 on both Youview boxes - a Humax UHD and a Huawei 372. Both boxes have the aerial looped through to the TV's, and both the TV's receive COM7 channels without problem. Oddly, before I re-tuned the Humax, I occasionally had the obligatory YVM302 error, but shortly after the error message, the channel suddenly appeared and then the other COM7 channels were made available also. this lasted a while, but then YVM302 appeared again and no go. When COM7 was working, I checked the signal level and it was at 81-83%. Generally, my signal level is around this level (Hannington is only a few miles away). Have tried attenuating which dropped the level to around 70-75% in case the level is too high, but made no difference. The Humax worked perfectly until recently - until about the time of the last software upgrade, but this could be coincidence............
    In my experience, this seems to be a Youview related issue as all other receivers in the house have no problem receiving COM7 channels and there doesn't appear to be any engineering work on Hannington at the moment.

    Any thoughts?

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    I don't think it's specifically a youView problem. But it might be a Humax problem, because there's a similar thread over on the Humax forum where other Hunax boxes are affected in exactly the same way. I'm about 8 miles from the transmitter, signal strength and quality is high, and the only device with a COM7 issue is the Humax-made YouView box. Unless someone can prove otherwise, I have come to the conclusion that Humax don't make very good TV tuners, or it's some sort of bug in the tuner firmware that they can't be bothered to fix.
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    Not so sure Steve - I've got a Huawei DN372T that also exhibits the same problem. When I get a mo, i'll try my old Humax T1000 - that had always worked faultlessly in all respects although a lot slower..

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    You may be right, and they may perhaps even use the same chipset, who knows. What I do know is my experience of Humax is somewhat negative. My T1000 broke just out of warranty and this T2100 is much better, but it has the COM7 issue. And we have yet to hear of any quality brands having the same problem. For example, in my house Panasonic and Sony receive COM7 fine.
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    This appears to be a long-standing and on-going problem with the Hannington transmitter threshold rates, which may be below that which Humax 1800T, 2000T and most youview boxes can receive -
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Seems there are a lot of people frustrated by this issue..........

    My beef is that it worked perfectly until recently - all other receivers in the house pick up COM7 perfectly well - signal level overall is excellent as was COM7 on my Youview box(es) when they could receive it - I can physically see the transmitter from my home, so correct aerial positioning is confirmed and signal is not impaired by anything in the way - perfect line of sight,........

    Not so sure it is just a signal threshold issue -

    COM7 transmits at 36,700Watts - no Youview reception but perfect on other receivers
    COM8 transmits at 5,500Watts - perfect Youview reception @ 78-80% strength
    Something is wrong somewhere, be it with Youview (or its box manufacturers) or the Hannington transmitter - I just hope it can be resolved.

    cheers all
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    I don't think it's a signal strength issue either, as my TV doesn't indicate COM7 is any different to all the other multiplexexes. It's either something in the signal that the tuner can't decode, or a failure to reject regional interference of some sort, in my opinion. What's strangest of all is the pattern that it works for months, then breaks for months, then works for months again.
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    Yep - totally agree - really strange!
    One wonders if anything is going on in the background to resolve this - I'm hopeful, but not holding my breath..............
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    Re-tuned yesterday - COM7 returns!! - all now working ok again. Be interesting to see how long it lasts.......
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    Indeed. No need for the retune unless a previous retune lost the channels though. I rarely retune nowadays as the likelihood of losing channels seems to be much greater than gaining them!
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    I have a Samsung tv and I can't get the Hannington com7 channels on my Tv either :(
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    Yep - an earlier retune lost the channels on the EPG..........

    Let's enjoy while it lasts :-)
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