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Each programme I record on my BT YouView box cuts off before the end of the programme.  Is there a way to fix this - there is no point recording a programme if you miss the end - that's normally the crucial part!!
From the forum this seems to have been going on for years - recording the next programme is not really an option as I often want to record a second programme.
Interested in any "real" solutions.


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    Hi Sandy - as you say the issue of clipped recordings has been discussed at length on here.

    Given the YouView box uses the accurate recording system (and YouView have stuck adamantly to that approach and stated they have no plans to consider any workarounds at the box end such as an intelligent padding system/function) the only true solution compatible with that system is to get the broadcaster to deliver accurate data (for every single programme).

    The broadcasters do seem to have improved in this area and I personally don't suffer problems with clipped programmes. Others have more problems and it perhaps depends on the channels watched.

    As such can you provide some examples of the programmes and channels that you have experienced problems with. That may help add to the picture as to where problems with the data still exist and might help YouView in their discussions with broadcasters in encouraging them to improve further still.
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    YOUVIEW did not want a buffer zone which records a bit before and a bit afterwards and as such on some channels you might miss the start or the end by 1 minute or so... very annoying but they want it  everything to work like clock work but it doesn't and have not got a fix for this and will blame to broadcasters,  YOuView is good but without Quest and no buffer zone it is only good and only an average service, some SMART TVs will not offer more and Freeview Play is catching up.
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