my youveiw wont connect all it says is connecting.....any ideas...?

lorrainelorraine Posts: 1Member
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  • david bradburydavid bradbury Posts: 102Member
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    Is your internet OK, try turning off router and youview box
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,249Member ✭✭✭
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    And then on again of course...

    If it works after that, great,

    But if not, can you please tell us:-

    How is the YouView box connected to the router - direct Ethernet cable, or via PowerLine Adaptors, or what?

    Which model of YouView box is it, where was it sourced from, what make and model is the router, who is your ISP, and what is your retail user/subscription user/ex-subscription user status?

    Then, if necessary, we can take this further forward,
    This might at last be getting back to the YouView that I knew.  :|
    Holding my breath....
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