BT Youview DTR T2100. Blackouts during playback?

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Hi all, anyone seen this kind of thing before: - Last night when watching a recording, the screen just went black. I had to press the youview button to get back to the recordings list. Then, when I pressed resume - it was black again! Only way round that was to 'rewind' to the start and watch the recording from there again. This time there were no glitches. Anyway, thought little of it, until it did it again tonight on another recording. Screen went black, and a restart of the recording was needed. The unit is only a few weeks old, and there is not much on the HD at all. Any ideas or tests I can try? Any help appreciated.


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    No, I've never seen this before. What were you recording chris, and was the content on Freeview or IP internet?
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    If your box has got its panties in a wad, try a soft reset, and see if that improves things.

    While not recording, nor about to, touch the On/Standby button on the left of the fascia of the box for just over 8 seconds, until the box restarts.

    This often cures minor random annoyances, such as you describe. And you won't lose anything already set up on the box, except, hopefully, any minor glitches that have crept into the running software,

    Let us know if this improves things; if not, we have more drastic resets you can do, while still keeping your recordings.

    As it is a new box, we can't entirely rule out that it may be faulty in a way that is not fixable; but there are plenty of things to try first, and if it is faulty, then at least it is under support/warranty, depending on where you got it from. Unless that was eBay, of course :-)
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    My T1000 goes blank every so often since the NextGen update. It's only a split second and comes straight back. It seems to happen soon after accessing a menu and then calms down after a while. I struggled to find a pattern so haven't reported it. It's live and recordings but may well have nothing to do with NextGen as the box was in semi-retirement before I updated.
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    Thanks for replies. Have reset box and changed to HDMI slot 2. Will see what happens. I was recording freeview channels, not internet stuff.
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    Had more or less the same experience during playback of a recording off C4HD. Box revived and we resumed playback from where it was at the point of getting a black screen. Not had this before. Been using the DTR-T2100 for about 15 months. After completion of viewing, did a soft reboot and then went to bed! Software glitch I expect....
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    yes, I did the soft reset and its been fi
    ne since.Fingers crossed!
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