Clash notification sometimes missing with split programmes

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This post is to highlight a next generation clash notification issue, so that it can be added to Youview's backlog for correction, if it hasn't already been included. The notification issue concerns split programmes and is similar to the series clash issue that I seem to remember has already been mentioned on this site.

Some programmes are split into two with a short break in between. Providing the broadcaster defines the metadata behind the guide correctly setting one part to record will also record the other part providing their are no recording clashes. The issue is that if there is a recording clash for the other part of the split programme then, unlike old gen, the next generation software does not report a clash. The result will be that the youview box just record 1 part of the split programme.

To reproduce locate a split programme from a chanel that is reliable for split recordings e.g. from ITV4 or (now!) Channel 5 then set recording schedules for 2 programmes that overlap just the second part but not the first part and the try to set a recording by selecting the first part in the guide.


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    I have come across this what I have found is say if the box is unable to record the second half it will actually record the second half if the movie is repeated on a different day. So it will say record part 1 on a Monday but if there is a repeat on Saturday of the same movie part 2 will be put on for record automatically. I have found this really useful as it enables me to watch movies I would otherwise miss.however no good of you miss that the second part has not recorded and no repeat is in the schedules. I think it would be good to have a clash message if it's not able to record part 2 on a repeat.
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    Hi Yasha, thanks for highlighting this. We've passed that on to our Test Team to look into. 
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