is there a bug list somewhere?

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would be nice if there was a bug list somewhere, so that we can feedback to youview.

perhaps we could use github to do this?

also a nice to have list would be good too

i have found a few minor bugs on the new GUI

eg back arrow navigating through the tiles is inconsistent with forward arrow navigating.

eg when in series folder when there is a lot of recordings it would be nice to have up/down arrow doing pages as they do in the main tile view

goes without saying that being able to reverse the sort/start selection in the series folder would be great, i suspect most people would want the earlier unwatched recording selected


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    I think Keith has a list, however I can't seem to find it.
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    Hi Peter - there are indeed some (reasonably) suitable lists being mantained already. Until very recently the welcome/notice board area at the top right (or bottom if on a narrow/mobile client) had some useful links to start with of which one pointed to What forum topics are potentially worth reading first, that in turn refers to some key lists:
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    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the suggestion. As Keith has kindly pointed out there are a few lists available which Keith himself maintains. If you experiencing any bugs, feel free to raise them in a new thread (unless you've found one that already exists). That way Keith can maintain his list, other customers can find them by just searching and we can update the statuses of these threads to let people know if they are resolved, acknowledged or in progress.

    Regarding your example bugs, the back journeys are something that we are looking to improve, we've had a bit of feedback on this from our other customers and our Product Teams are aware of this. 

    The example about the navigation in a series folder isn't a bug so much but just the way it currently doesn't navigate. Thanks for the suggestion, we've passed this on to our Product Team.

    We are also looking to improve on the journey in a series folder and we'll be updating the forum on that very soon. Stay tuned.
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