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Hi, my Grand parents have a youview box (not me) and have said that since a recent update the RED button has stopped working. I believe they used this to access old style "TELETEXT" > Can they no longer have this service ? Advice please, unfortunately due to distance I can not easy pop round to have a look :) 


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    Hi 66hammer,

    The BBC updated the traditional Red Button service to Red Button +. This is a connected red button experience that offers more than the traditional services. You used to be able to launch the Red Button service by pressing either the red button or the 'text' button. However since the move to RB+ you're no longer able to access the traditional Red Button service, only the new connected version.

    With the new version you can't press the text button anymore, but you can still press the red button on BBC channels to launch the Red Button services. 

    Hope that helps your grandparents. Let us know if they need any more help. 
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