Dark Banner display in the way/darkened screen when using fast forward/rewind

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Very frustrating - been mentioned in general software update. Skiller has added an idea that works/a "temporary workaround”, but you still have the problem. My guess is that the Software programmers overlooked this when rewriting/"reinventing" the next gen & it is an overlooked problem. The software is used on both Pvr & non-pvr platforms, so I can only assume that it was not a priority when written? If any Youview Programmers are reading this, including Sarah, Youview Manager, please can you look into this matter. It should be a basic function & not a feature. I appreciate you are trying to improve the interface, some of it I actually like visually, but to go about the upgrade in this way & disrupt consumers who have been used to the pvrs working correctly & then find this is very annoying. I myself have had to put up with this since beginning of April. Most of my recordings are now scheduled on an old Freeview pvr or onto Freesat, until resolved. I will not put up with this much longer.Thank you for your time & support.

Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 


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    Same banner shows up after skipping. It wouldn't be so bad if it disappeared after a second when resuming play mode, but mine stays on for at least 5 seconds!
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