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Hi this problem does not happen all the time, but when the problem happens it is a pain, I get no warning, I check the recordings in MyTv and about 4 or 5 recordings say recording Failed, and it can be from any channel, have done a re-tune and a soft reboot but no good, then the problem goes till the next time it happens there is no set Patten.

I have a DTR4000 from BT and the box is running the latest software.

Any help with this problem would be great.




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    It would be helpful to have details of the last few failed recordings, so someone can check if the programmes were actually broadcast normally.

    But assuming they were, I suggest a Maintenance Mode 4, as referenced from Keith’s Pinned Posting.

    This will keep your existing recordings, at least.

    If this does not solve it, then your next port of call should be BT, as part of your subscription is that they should be checking you have a good connection that does not keep dropping out, and also keeping your box running correctly, replacing it if the hardware is proving to be faulty.
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    I will second the maintenance mode 4 reset suggestion, it seems to fix most things for me including this.  My bugbear is that after a few days of not being used, i.e. switched out of standby, except for recording stuff while I am away or otherwise occupied, the machine crashes and therefore misses recordings.  Last time this happened just a minute into a recording, and I missed the following week as well.  Again, MM4 reset cures it, for a while.  Check which of your scheduled recordings have returned from the cloud, and which haven't, about an hour after the reset.  Some of mine seem to disappear.
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    Hi Roy
    have spoke to BT and they are sending me a replacement box.

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