BT 29.36.0 playback without progress display

First playback of recorded items omits progress bar etc. 


  • It's been like that for a while now and does happen quite erratically. Backing out of the recording and going back in usually fixes it.
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    edited 11 December 2017, 11:42AM
    I can confirm that we have also suffered from this bug.  It has only happened to us since the last update.
  • Philip TrottPhilip Trott Member Posts: 1,040 admin
    Hi guys, thanks for flagging this issue, it is being investigated at the moment. When we have more information on this one we will let you know!
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    Yes, thanks. We've been asking for ages now, and still clamour for the wide obscuring areas top and bottom (dirty blue on BT boxes) to be made less opaque and obtrusive so that subtitles and running programmes can still be seen through them. We did not ask for the bars to be removed entirely.
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    I had this problem on the previous version  - so had posted new comments on that thread - repeat some of it below:- 

    The first time I noticed this problem was when I watched Rugby league world cup start time 04:30 - i.e. programme record request had woke box out of deep sleep 

    Last weekend my box was updated to 29.36.0, but I had also changed the deep sleep time to finish from 05:00 to  4:00 am. 
    I record BBC News - "the briefing" which starts at 05:00

    Current status - the problem no longer happens when I playback "the briefing", or at the weekends when I playback breakfast (in chase mode) Note the box is always awake when I started to watch these playbacks.  

    Howvere the problem still occurs after the box has been woken out of normal daytime sleep mode  i.e:-

    At approx. 13:00  (the box will be in sleep mode)
     - I turn on PVR which wakes up TV
     - again if I go along line to MyTV and select programme from gallery - e.g. 13:00 News then the play / pause status bar isn’t displayed.

     Also at approx. 19:00 (the box will typically be in sleep mode)
      If I repeat above and select a programme – “Beyond 100 days” etc. from the gallery then problem is present

    If I leave the initial youview line (guide  player &apps ........) to time-out  the play / pause status bar is as normal

     Note - the problem is only ever present for the first programme  watched.
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    I experienced this for the first time today.
    DTR T2110

  • jimbjimb Member, Super User Posts: 1,412 ✭✭✭
    I'm finding this feature to be quite useful.
    I now have to record the BBC Breakfast programme because I can no longer navigate through it using the buffer - thanks to the "buffer full" problems.  :s
    But when the progress bar fails to show on playback, I can now use the Breakfast programme's time of day (displayed in the bottom right of the screen) to navigate. This is normally invisible due to the progress bar's "black fog".
    Could we have this new feature made a user option please?

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