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  • dave3dave3 Member Posts: 186

    @Sarah - it’s happen again this morning

    First use of the day

         a)    powered on PVR (which woke TV up)   
          b)    from first page tabbed along to MYTV  and selected programme from gallery of playbacks  (BBC news – Business Briefing)

    Hey presto – no play / pause bar  

    Put playback in pause and went to check Software release – (still on 29.27.0)  Upon return play/ pause bar are displayed as normal

    And that if for the day  - Play / pause bar will be presented  as normal.

    Usually I select a playback from the MyTV recordings page.  I think the steps above are the ones that I’ve taken when the bug (wonderful bit of code) has previously been invoked

     Hope that helps


  • Philip TrottPhilip Trott Member Posts: 1,040 admin
    dave3 said:
    Ok the play / pause bar is not showing again this morning
    System  won't let me attach the video
    To a posting or a PM

    @Philip Trott is there anyway I can get video out to you 

    Hi Dave, video received! Thanks for providing this we will investigate this one and let you know. Phil
  • dave3dave3 Member Posts: 186
    Hi Dave, video received! Thanks for providing this we will investigate this one and let you know. Phil

    Hi @Philip Trott - Have you been able to recreate this problem? Note I'm the user who had the MM4 issue on this release - does that have any bearing?

    The first time I noticed this problem was when I watched Rugby league world cup start time 04:30 - i.e. programme record request had woke box out of deep sleep 

    Last weekend my box was updated to 29.36.0, but I had also changed the deep sleep time to finish from 05:00 to  4:00 am. 
    I record BBC News - "the briefing" which starts at 05:00

    Current status - the problem no longer happens when I playback "the briefing", or at the weekends when I playback breakfast (in chase mode) Note the box is always awake when I started to watch these playbacks.  

    Howvere the problem still occurs after the box has been woken out of normal daytime sleep mode  i.e:-

    At approx. 13:00  (the box will be in sleep mode)
     - I turn on PVR which wakes up TV
     - again if I go along line to MyTV and select programme from gallery - e.g. 13:00 News then the play / pause status bar isn’t displayed.

     Also at approx. 19:00 (the box will typically be in sleep mode)
      If I repeat above and select a programme – “Beyond 100 days” etc. from the gallery then problem is present

    If I leave the initial youview line (guide  player &apps ........) to time-out  the play / pause status bar is as normal

     Note - the problem is only ever present for the first programme  watched.

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