Failed recordings

I can't record any programmes on the You view box.  I just get a message saying recording failed. The box has been working fine for months until Christmas eve. I have rebooted the box and the router and have checked all the connections. But it is still not recording!!! I have over 50% of space still available.


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    While watching a programme on the YouView box, try live pause and rewind.

    What happens?

    Then try pressing the Record button, and seeing if the programme records.

    What happens?

    The next thing to try though, irrespective of the results above, is a Maintenance Mode 4, to see if this fixes things.

    Recording failure of this blanket kind, though, if it does not respond to a Mode 4, normally means the Schedule, or the store of recordings, or the hard disc itself in some other area, has got corrupted, and only a Factory Reset (Maintenance Mode 5) will fix it, if it can be fixed at all.

    Sometimes though, you can get lucky by deleting the recording where the corruption starts. Which is possibly, but not necessarily, the latest. So delete what you can, watching it first if you wish, and see if things pull out straight.

    If not, I fear the Factory Reset is your only remaining option.

    And if this does not fix it, then get your provider to replace it, if you are on subscription with it, or your retailer/Humax if it is still under a retail warranty.

    if not, then replacing the hard disc might fix it, and be cheaper than a new box; but while easy enough to do, it is a bit of a punt to buy a new HDD on the off-chance that this is all it needs.

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