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Just cancelled sky and now have a redundant sky + box and bought a you view box today. i am a little confused with connection options. I have bt infinity and latest home hub. Can I use the small sky wifi extender used  with the sky + box or the bt wifi extender 1200 to connect with the you view box.


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    Hi @robfogarty, I think you are talking about two separate things. The Sky gizmo is a wifi adapter as I understand it and cannot be used with a YouView box. The BT units on the other hand should be usable as long as you use them directly as powerline adapters which can link your box to your router via your electrical mains system. Or, slightly more esoteric and not officially approved, but known to be workable you can use a separate router in client mode to "fool" the box into thinking it has an ethernet connection. Have a search across the forums for "wireless" and you may find some more useful posts.
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    Got it. Thank you very much for your advice, redchiz
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    What redchiz said, except the WiFi extender doesn’t operate over the mains; it connects to the BT Home Hub by WiFi.

    But what it does do is provide an Ethernet socket, so as long as the HomeHub WiFi signal reaches to where you need to position the extender, you can wire the YouView box to it, and thus connect to the Home Hub.

    As you bought your YouView box, I guess you won’t be taking BT TV (with which BT would more or less have given you a YouView box), so the consideration that you can’t run BT TV over WiFi from a Home Hub won’t apply; but for that you would have needed a pair of the power line adaptors (BT call theirs Broadband Extenders) that do work over the mains as redchiz describes.

    But for ‘retail’ use, a single WiFi extender 1200 is ideal, and the cheapest and neatest solution if you can’t wire your YouView box directly to your Home Hub. 

    I have a T1000 connected exactly this way, albeit not to a BT line, nor with BT equipment. But this is not a significant difference, the principle is exactly the same, and it is very satisfactory.
    Now away for a bit....
  • Roy. Thx for your comments and I only read your post a few minutes ago. It’s been quite a frustrating day...I set up the You view box this morning using the 10 m cable and having understood the box’ functionality, I then looked into how I could get my existing BT Sport sub (previously via Sky) onto the You view box. When I bought the box from Curry’s yesterday,the salesmen told me I could upgrade the box’s channels etc via monthly BT subscriptions and also there would be no problem switching BT sport via Sky to my new box. When I contacted BT this afternoon to upgrade the functionality and transfer BT Sport they said they could not set up a BT TV account to do this because BT had not supplied me with the original box and that Currys were wrong in what they had said to me. I took the box back to Currys and to their credit, they apologised immediately and refunded the £125 to me. I now have a BT TV account set up and my replacement box will be delivered to me next Tuesday with an excellent discounted entertainment / BT sport package  for the next 18 months.
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    Good for Curry’s, and for you, @robfogarty.

    Perhaps I should have hinted more strongly that getting the box via BT might have been your better option  :p; but it was not too late, and you managed to do it anyway, as you were clearly missold.

    As above, BT TV won’t work over a wireless extender from a BT Home Hub; but as it seems you can make a straight cable connection, you don’t need this, or any other sort of extender, anyway.
    Now away for a bit....
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