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  • StompaStompa Posts: 34Member
    Sarah said:

    That's odd, I've tried this on a few browsers on my large monitor and smaller laptop screen at 100% and 110% and haven't found this issue with the tiles. I've found that text does start overlapping when zoomed in on the smaller screen at 125% and 175% for the larger monitor, both in Chrome. It might be helpful to know the screen size/resolution of the monitor/laptop screen you are using as I feel this is a factor. The monitor I use is 1920x1080 whilst the laptop is 1366x768 which is the default but the highest for the laptop size. 

    My screen resolution is 1280x1024. I suspect the problem is due to my having 'Scale and layout' set to 125% in Settings>System>Display. Having said that, I've not noticed any problems with any other websites with this setting.

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