Is navigation of the User Interface gradually slowing down?

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Having noticed a slight slowdown in UI responsiveness over the past few months, I decided to repeat a test I carried out in May 2017. Following the instructions below which @Roy gave to another user at that time. 

"Recordings benchmark - position yourself on the top left tile on page 1 of the recordings, and press the right arrow for exactly ten seconds. How far through your recordings do you get?"

At that time, my T2100 traversed 36 tiles within ten seconds, as did Roy's T2000. See here.

Today, however, my T2100 on software 29.45 only manages to move across 31 tiles.

Maybe it's just my box on a slowdown!

@Roy, care to repeat the test? :) 

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  • Rob PRob P Member Posts: 115 ✭✭
    Hi Wayne,
    27 for me (BT T2110 on 29.36.0). 
    Mine has only recently been upgraded from old-gen and I must admit I'm mystified by the claims of the boxes being faster on next-gen, as I'm finding it noticeably more sluggish generally. I mean it's not a huge delay but for example, when stopping a show and pressing Delete, the confirmation prompt was pretty much instant before, whereas now it takes probably about a second - not much, but enough to begin to question whether the command was received.

    I have tried the 8-second reboot thing but not, as yet, any maintenance mode resets
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    A few tests - 33 or 34 now.

    A retail DRT-T2000 on 29.44.10
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  • DaveGrohlDaveGrohl Member Posts: 81
    My box has always been slower since Nextgen screwed it up. As you say, generally the slight delay isn't quite annoying but sometimes it does take two or three seconds instead of one, meaning you end up pressing a button again and landing in the wrong place, which IS annoying.
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    @Roy, thanks. Only a slight decrease then. Hopefully it doesn't become a trend. 

    For me, the delete dialog takes about 1 second to display. Though fresh after a box power cycle, I would say, it takes less than half a second for the dialog to appear. It soon becomes sluggish again though.

    I've got a spare T2100 that I might test at some point and see if it performs the same!
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 622 ✭✭
    I'm inclined to think that my Ultra HD box on NextGen is slowing down but I've no timings to confirm that.

    On the other hand my Ultra HD box on OldGen is super fast still.
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