Error IPC 623 on TV screen

I was watch the football on sky sport main event channel but halfway though the second half the picutre just lock up and got stuck then the black screen came up telling me there was a problem the boardband and the error code I think was IPC 623 that all I can remember,
I am using a Netgear D6220 router and have also brought the BT 2110 box from a shop, I have sent the other box back to BT as it had a fault.
Any help with this would be great.




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    Thanks for getting back to me, so far the problem has not come back I have done a speed test and that was fine so I think it must of been a funny 5 mins.
    If the problem comes back I will speak to my ISP.


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    That’s a dreadful checker in that link. Quite apart from have to scroll down and down and down to even find it - it really ought to have its own jump-to, or would if it was worth a damn.

    Firstly, it’s designed to give you an estimate of what you can get, as if you don’t currently have internet where you live.

    Though if you don’t, why are you worrying about IPC6023?

    Why isn’t there a link to a speed checker that the user can actually run? After all, the problem is with the user’s actual speeds, not the theoretical speeds, and the two can different wildly.

    Where we come to the next thing. The checker says I can get just under 6Mps, and cannot speak for my TV reception, so it shows 0 channels. I actually get just under 30Mbps, and entirely satisfactory TV reception.

    But if I put in my next door neighbour’s house number, it says that while he still gets ~6Mbps, he gets the full panoply of TV channels. My next door neighbour’s house is a few metres from ours, if that - it’s not fields away.

    Going just round the corner (by changing the last letter of the postcode), we get another postcode lottery, or at least house number lottery.

    Some house numbers do get the ~30Mbps we can all actually get. Some get 6. Some get the full complement of TV channels, some nothing. Seemingly at random, as I increment the house number.

    I have no idea what underlies that checker, but it seems to be entirely divorced from reality.

    @Sarah, the postcodes and house numbers I used are available by PM on request,  so you can take this up with the providers of this checker, if you wish.

    And it would be interesting if other forum members could see if they live in an area with similar wild anomalies between theoretical and actual, and from house to house among their neighbours.

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    Hi @Roy - that checker says it is providing an estimate based on thinkbroadband data. Trying it on some addresses near me the results vary from 10-40Mb. This would be in line with whether the property is still using broadband on ADSL2 (likely limit around here of 5-12Mb) or has upgraded to a FTC service. No doubt if I tried more addresses I might hit on one that thinkbroadband have logged data for that is using Virgin and might report higher speeds too.

    As you note, given that page is primarily about diagnosing an issue the user may have in the property they are in for which they already have the network connection, the checker should be replaced with one that does an actual speed test. Perhaps it should be coupled with the data from the existing one, but that too should review data for the entire street and then return a range. E.g. the user puts in their address info and gets back a report which says something like:

    • your broadband speed: N Mbps upload, M Mbps download (this may vary according to local conditions and timing)
    • likely speed possible (subject to service paid for) based on neighbouring properties: A-B Mbps upload, C-D Mbps download
    • and then perhaps some stat about the most common speed for the area (as the upper and lower bounds may be from particularly poor performing households or ones that pay a lot for a very fast service and so are less representation of the average person on the street)

    These combined results would give the user the better understanding of the performance of their line and whether they may have a problem specific to their property, service or service level, or whether the area just has limitations on what is achievable.
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    Hi @Keith

    I can’t see any provenance on the checker. Where does it say thinkbroadband?

    And when I go to the thinkbroadband site, I get a real speed checker.

    But nothing to say where the TV broadcast information is coming from. Perhaps unsurprisingly.
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    Hi @Roy - I followed the link to the PC6023 error page, from there to the checker page, entered my address details and was presented with the results. The results say;

    At [address] your estimated broadband speed is N Mbps

    Hovering over the underlined estimate (on that page, not above) pops up the message

    Estimated based on thinkbroadband Data

    Looking further again now I see there is then a link to see 'the full results'. If I go in to that it tells me my transmitter, offers to do an actual speed test, and more clearly says this is powered by thinkbroadband.

    Running that actually tester it then says my speed is 50Mbps, which is as expected.

    Overall it thus feels like the way this help page and checker have been implemented is rather YouViewesque, you can get all the info you need but to get to the detail you have to go through many more steps. What they need is a single leap straight into the actual speed tester and then, if they wish, a secondary link into the more general address check data.
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    Thanks, @Keith, but it gets worse  :'(

    Hovering on an iPad is problematic  :p

    As it is, no doubt, on anything but a mouse interface, so the whole gamut of mobile devices is thus ruled out, to say nothing of me trying to use the touchscreen on my laptop  :(

    No website, in this day and age, should rely on, or even use, Hover.

    But yes, on hovering, on my laptop with a mouse, I can see the thinkbroadband reference.

    Though what of this ‘See the full results’? It’s not there for my house  :#

    To see it, I have to go next door, logically speaking, as it only comes up when the checker thinks there might be some TV channels you could get.

    And if I choose it, it says ‘At (redacted) your estimated broadband speed is 5.3/mbps, so you are able to receive:’

    And then lists numbers of TV channels (with that strange speed presentation above and the word ‘so’ thus making a hitherto unsuspected, and may I say completely spurious, link between what my broadband can do and what that spiky thing in my loft can do). 

    Or rather my neighbour’s loft, as I can’t get any TV here, of course  >:)

    I suspect these results come from DigitalUK, though, as their coverage checker reports I have to use Freesat, while my neighbour gets perfectly good OTA.

    But OTOH, the YouView page then puts the tin lid on it all by getting our transmitter wrong  :s

    Something DigitalUK gets right. Go figure....

    Pretty epic clusterfail though, here. If I allowed myself to be guided by this advice, I would never ever have bought a YouView box (and no sarky comments please  :D )

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