Mini Guide - The option of HD instead of SD please.

stereohavenstereohaven Member Posts: 60
I'm not aware of this already being an option and couldn't find it as a suggestion already, so apologies if it is!

When I turn on my YouView box I am greeted with a mini guide:

I'm lucky in that I have access to the full range of Freeview HD and never watch anything in SD, so I will never click directly on this guide because it defaults to the SD version.

In a future update, is it possible to give the option to change the default to show HD versions where available? 

On a side note, I cannot begin to tell you how having BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and then BBC2 detrimentally effects my OCD...  :D


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    If only we could choose which channels were shown, and in what sequence, with what YouView provide being the starting default rather than all there is, this would solve both your problems  :p
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  • stereohavenstereohaven Member Posts: 60
    I'm a lowly Plusnet customer so I only see channels 1 - 5 on mine, plus I never scroll right!  :D
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    As has been mentioned many times, each of YouView's Partners are given a single prime slot. Hence why you have BBC (BBC1), ITV, CH4, CH5 and an ISP if you have one. Then everything else runs as per your guide. If you have the new Retail software and press info on one of the slots I believe you can select 'Watch in HD' there to go straight to the HD version of that channel (although I agree it should be defaulted to the HD version anyway).

    It might not make good OCD sense but it does make business sense (unfortunately).

  • Rob PRob P Member Posts: 65
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    Could I add another request here please? I too rarely stray off the HD channels 101-105 for live viewing so this mini guide upon startup is also useless to me.

    But what I would like is for the P+/- buttons to be active whilst this is displayed as more often than not I'll only be moving up a channel or two. Currently though I have to dismiss annoying mini guide before P+/- works. That kinda feels like a bug to me.

    Thanks (hopefully) in advance...
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