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I have a Youview mini box, is there anything I can plug into it to enable me to record? I do have a Humax freeview box that has recording capabilities, just not sure if i can or how to connect them.


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    Unfortunately there is no way to enable recordings on the mini box.

    It only has a tiny amount of storage for pausing & rewinding live TV.
    The USB port is only for applying firmware updates.
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    The mini box (or ‘zapper’ as it is called) does not record, and has only an HDMI Out, on which Recording is not permitted.

    Nor does it have an aerial out, so it needs to be at the end of your aerial chain.

    So you would go from the wall socket to the Aerial In of the Freeview box with a Male-to-Male aerial cable, and then from the Aerial Out of the Freeview box (assuming it has one) with a Female-to-Male aerial cable.

    Or if no Aerial Out, use a Y-splitter and a M-M cable to each box, though this is not as good as the above if you can do it.

    Then you can at least use both at once, the Freeview box to record Freeview channels, and the YouView box to watch anything available from Freeview or on BT Subscription, if you have one.

    Or upgrade a BT Subscription from zapper to full box. Or find a full box on eBay or wherever, and use it with the subscription you have.
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    The reason I didn't go with the full Monty was that my broadband isn't good enough, thanks anyway...
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    Just one point here...
    One doesn't need a strong broadband signal to record. Just a decent aerial one.
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