Recording the wrong region - problem has got worse

We have always had a bit of a problem with our T2000 box, with it deciding to record programmes for a different region of BBC1 than the one we have selected. Invariably the picture breaks up. Recently the problem has got much worse: it's doing it with ITV1 too as well as many more BBC1 programmes. Just now I set something to record on our channel 1 (BBC1 East Midlands) and it immediately changed it over to channel 800 (currently BBC1 West Midlands). I checked the signal quality on channel 1 and it was 100%.
Why does the system do this and what can I do to stop it?
NB. We have our previous T500 box in our bedroom and it works perfectly from the same aerial.


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    Do you have another copy of bbc1 in the 800s toward the end of the guide because it's very possible you could be receiving signal from two transmitters.
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    Also do you know the transmitter name?
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    This has been a problem with YouView boxes in certain areas with competing transmitters for a long time now.

    One cheap, quick and simple fix is to get a variable attenuator and put it in your aerial chain, and find the most attenuated setting that still gives 100% quality on the BBC1 you want. The idea is that it drives the unwanted BBC1 down into the mush - you can check this by seeing what the results from it are with the attenuator set as above.

    Then retune, and hopefully the box will now ignore the weak, spurious BBC1 completely, as well as the other rogue channels.

    The professional fix is to ensure your aerial is optimised for the transmitter you want - direction, directionality and sideband rejection. But this can mean spending a deal of money just because YouView don’t seem to be able to build a tuner properly  :/

    A good thing to find out, though, is exactly what you are facing.

    Put your house number and postcode into the DigitalUK Coverage Checker, select Detailed View, and see if you can work out which transmitter you should be getting, and what the interfering one(s) might be.

    And ensure you have the right sort of aerial, on the correct bearing, for the transmitter you want. 

    If not, this might indicate a solution, if the attenuator trick does not work; but try that first.

    PS: What’s a T500?
    “Where’s ‘Jump to Time’ then? And all that other OldGen good stuff we were promised back, including the proper ‘Hide Channels’ and so on?” (Excerpt from ‘One Billboard Outside YouView Towers’, not coming soon to a box near you)
  • Thanks Daniel and Roy for your suggestions. The coverage checker says I should be getting signals from Sutton Coldfield (West Midlands BBC) with Nottingham (East Midlands BBC) as the first alternative with a poorer signal. However, I have just done a retune and it initially gave a Yorkshire BBC as the "preferred" setting. I changed it back to East Midlands as preferred BBC region and checked signal strength and quality for the three options. East Midlands was consistently 100% for both, West Midlands (now on channel 808) was 90% to 96% for both and Yorkshire (on channel 800) was below 50% for both.
    So my reception system is already configured to give the best reception from the East Midlands source, yet the Youview software doesn't recognise this. While the software is behaving so illogically there's little reason to believe that spending on an attentuator or repositioning / replacing the aerial will resolve the problem, and anyway it shouldn't be necessary. The system should simply record the channel I ask it to record. But I think your remark about spending money because Youview can't build a tuner properly indicates that what I want may be obvious but not achievable with this particular model.
    (Sorry, I was guessing when I said our older box which doesn't have the same problem was a T500. It's actually a Fox T2 with 500 GB storage.)

    Thanks again for your suggestions. I hadn't realised how cheap an attentuator is, so I will give that a try. Otherwise I'll let the system force me to record HD channels or I'll make sure I'm ready to watch on Catch Up when recordings break up.
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     East Midlands was consistently 100% for both
    A 100% reading for signal quality is good, but 100% for signal strength could be too high. The scale stops at 100%, but the actual signal strength could be much higher, overloading the tuners. Using an attenuator to bring your signal strength reading below 100% might cure the problem.

    I had problems with picture break-up. I tried a signal booster, but the problem was worse. A friend suggested that I should try an attenuator. I didn't know what strength to buy, so I bought two from Maplin. One was 6dB and the other was a 12. With the 6dB in the aerial line the signal strength was still 100%, but the problem was improved. The 12dB brought the signal strength down to about 85% and there have been no problems since.

    At the time I didn't know about variable attenuators, but that is what I would have bought if I was doing it now.

    Edit - I appreciate that the problem that you are experiencing is different from mine, but there is a possibility that there is a common cause. 
  • Thanks jonesh, that's an interesting possibility. I'll give the attentuators a try and see where they get me.
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    Our problems with digital TV recorders started before YouView, after the analogue switch-off around 2010. I had no idea what was the cause of the issues, but apparently the digital signal was boosted when the analogue signal was turned off. Our aerial lead is split four ways, so the signal to each device must only be 25% of the signal from the aerial. Even so I had problems with Topfield and Panasonic recorders that didn't disappear until I put the attenuator in the aerial lead.

    The problem only seems to affect recorders. TVs seem to be immune.
  • Hi All,
    Another example of how ludicrous the current situation is. I noticed that a programme showing on weekday afternoons had recorded from Yorkshire yesterday and today. So I deleted that on scheduled recordings and reset it. It immediately showed it correctly intending to record the East Midlands transmission tomorrow (Friday) but not on Monday. So I checked and found it plans to record the Yorkshire version on Monday and West Midlands on Tuesday!
    I haven't bought the attentuator yet, so maybe it will help, but it's hard to see how it can stop the system randomly changing the transmitter it wants to record from, unless I can completely block all but the East Midlands transmission.
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    Hi Peter,
    The reason for the variable (or any attenuator) is that after a YouView retune, the box only "finds" the strongest transmitter, therefore it can only record from that restricted number of channels, and cannot record from the "wrong regions" A variable attenuator is best, because you can turn it down, just to the point where you lose the unwanted regions (check all the wrong BBC regions), but still receive the wanted signal.

    Chris (Lincoln, UK).
  • Hi folks,
    I got a variable attentuator. When I turned the East Midlands signal down as far as it would go it was still at 91% strength, but at least the two rogue signals were much lower. However, we then found some HD recordings were failing and still a couple of East Midlands recordings skipped over to the other regions. I turned it up a bit to keep it below 100% on East Midlands but strong enough for the HD channels to record okay. We accepted that we still couldn't rely on it not to switch over to other BBC1 regions. 
    This morning we found that the Youview box had completely lost ITV3 even though it was still there on the Freview TV. It came back with yet another retune, but we've reached the conclusion that this Youview box is so badly programmed that it will never work properly for us and we look forward to ditching it. We had been Youview fans for many years but this experience will probably push us to one of the internet TV providers.
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    Hello Peter,
    It seems you've done all the right things to try and get only Waltham (East Midlands) transmitter. If possible, you need to turn down the attenuator until none of the unwanted channels are received, then perform a retune (should not receive any unwanted transmitters). You can then remove the attenuator, but make sure you do not perform another retune with the attenuator removed.

    Please note that ITV3 has had a technical change (from a commercial multiplex to the D3/4 ITV multiplex). This happened yesterday 28/03/18. I also lost ITV3 on channel 10 and had to retune as it had put the new version of ITV3 on to channel 800. So this is a separate issue to your original one.

    Hope this info helps,

    Chris. Lincoln, UK
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    Hello again, Peter,

    I just had a thought. Do you know which aerial (or group of aerials) feeds your YouView box?
    There is a  reason I ask this question. In my area (Lincoln), many households have two aerials, one directed at Waltham (East Mids), the other directed at Belmont (Yorkshire East).
    In the 1970s and 1980s it was advantageous to receive more than just your local ITV region, because then, programmes were shown at different times. Some ITV regions also showed completely different programmes.
    The reason for asking the question is that you may have an array of different aerials, directed at different transmitters and possibly even an unnecessary pre-amplifier (signal booster). Please check your aerial system. ITV now has the same output in all English regions (apart from local news opt-outs), so there is no longer an advantage in receiving any other than your local region. Also, digital TVs and PVRs (like YouView boxes) get upset when receiving from more than one transmitter (as you've found out).

    Best regards,

    Chris. Lincoln, UK
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