BT Starter with my retail BT 2110 youview recorder

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Thinking of moving from Sky (Broadband and phone) to BT for the £23.99 package they have at the moment for Broadband, phone, starter tv plus BT sport.

I know the box they supply for this cannot record but I have a retail BT 2110 youview recorder; my understanding of using my box is that I will be able to use my recorder and record freeview but wont be able to record the IP channels like AMC and Sport, is that correct?

I've searched and looked at some postings from 2015 and 2017 but was wondering if anyone has done this recently and can give some more up to date information, thanks for any guidance.

John C.


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    If you nominate your T2110 box as your main box, you will be able to use it for all the BT TV services, including recording the Sport and other IP channels. You can change the nomination in Settings at any time, but initially your nominated box will be the first one that you use after your service is switched on. If you leave BT you will be able to watch your FreeView recordings, but not the ones from the IP channels.

    If the T2110 is your nominated BT services box, you will not be able to watch the IP channels on your new BT non-recording box. It will only work for the FreeView channels and catch-up.
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    Thanks jonesh, even better than I expected. I will probably do this over the weekend as the offer ends on the 19th, although there are always offers available.

    I'm still within my minimum contract period with Sky but they've just put the prices up and from what I read in the email I have 30 days to get in touch and I can avoid an early termination fee.

    Thanks again,
    John C.
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