Poor aerial reception

Hi I emailed checked my reception for a d review set top box and can only receive 19 of the available channels   will I be able to receive all of the channels via the talk talk Box


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    Hi @susanpotter

    Your posting isn’t exactly clear - could you perhaps go back and Edit it to say what you wanted to say?

    I think you mean you have checked an Availability Checker, and been told you can only get 19 channels?

    These checkers aren’t always reliable - for my address, it suggests only Sky or Virgin will suit (despite Virgin not having cabled our area!), and yet I get a full complement of channels from an ordinary loft aerial.

    Have you got an existing aerial, and a TV running on it, preferably HD?

    In general, this is your best guide, and you should get the same complement of broadcast channels on a TalkTalk YouView box as you do on that TV.
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