T4000 Sw update fail at 40%

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Please Help !!!
Software update stuck at 40% for hours. Don’t know what safest action is. Reboot youview box or router. Lights are all blue, the only other internet connectionsI have open is to this phone and the TVs WiFi .


Model Name DTR - T4000/1TB/BT/DF/V3
Model Code 91 - 00582
Item Code 082529
Serial number + 082529 + 1729006 154

Manufacturer Humax 
Model: DTRT400    Variant: 87B08500    
Serial Number: +082529+1729006154
Identifier: 0000DB-DTRT400-0778de15

Component Software 3.2.62            
Manufacturer Software 28.26.0    
Platform Configuration 3844             
ISP Configuration 2731


  • robin0800robin0800 Member Posts: 56
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    I would do a reset  and choose option 4 see below
    1. Turn the power on using the switch found on the back of your box. A red light should appear on the front
    2. Press and hold the down arrow button on the top of the box for 5 seconds until you see Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N (Y:POWER) prompt. The box light will turn blue
    3. Press the YouView button on the top of the box
    4. The box should now enter maintenance mode
    5. Choose your preferred option and follow the on screen instructions

    1. Software Reset
    2. Factory Reset , keep recordings (recommended)
    3. Factory Reset, delete recordings (if option 2 doesn't resolve your issue)
    4. Internet / USB recovery, keep recordings
    5. Internet / USB recovery , delete recordings
  • chrisA123chrisA123 Member Posts: 2
    I just rebooted the box and then router, then selected Update Software, and it just worked this time, in 49 secs, so many thanks for the advice to you for recovery options (and to anyone else who answered). And to BT who kept my data intact despite the crash. Sry for panicking, and then totally forgetting to post this thanks. 
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