YMV104 error - 'Broadband connection unavailable' - Internet/router working fine

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I am having the YMV104 issue. Won't connect to the internet.
Software reset
full factory reset
cable check
laptop check
router reset
my router says that the Humax box (dtr1000) is connected to the network. Any ideas why it won't connect to the internet.

Also, I tried a full reset so I am now stuck at the 'Broadband connection unavailable' screen.



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    YouView need to fix this issue where a reset box gets stuck at Broadband Unavailable, by timing out and continuing, as it used to do.

    I can put a T1000 in a state where it can reach the router, but not get out to the internet, more or less at will, by misconfiguring the manual connection details; my hypothesis (which may well be wrong) is that the router recognises the T1000 OK, but realises it will never be able to route traffic from the internet back to it, and so declines to let it reach the internet.

    It looks like perhaps your box has put itself in this state due to an internal error, possibly permanent, as T1000s do seem to fail with age, and none of them are getting any younger.

    Your last-ditch hope is a phone chat with the YouView Help Team, on 0333 313 2278, though I am not sure if they will be able to do any more than confirm the above.
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