[Discussion] TalkTalk software update 72.45.145/ 70.45.146 and 60.45.145

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Hi all,

Please feel free to discuss the latest TalkTalk software update version 72.45.145/ 70.45.146 and 60.45.145 in this thread.


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    as  discussed but did not show on your update thread my box could not download this update even through maintenance-mode it stayed with its existing version 70.44.212
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    As always, the software update is phased so some boxes will receive it before others.
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    redchiz said:
    As always, the software update is phased so some boxes will receive it before others.
    And some boxes will die trying to get it  :(
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    I've just received this update on my 360T, which is, of course, a non-recording "zapper" box. Its remote, therefore, does not have a Record button.

    When highlighting a programme that is available on demand, the key at the bottom of the screen now has the option to press Record to Add to MyTV.

    I can add the programme to MyTV by pressing i to open the Action Panel, then moving the focus to the Add to MyTV action and pressing OK - but that is a bit of a faff.

    Can there not be a one-button press to add to MyTV for those machines that don't have a Record button?
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    Actually, many thanks to the couple of people who "Agreed" or "Liked" my previous post, but I must confess to have been a little hasty with it.

    My 360T remote does have a Record button. It was obviously in my blind spot as, firstly, I have never had the need to use it before and, secondly, it is not the usual red colour but grey/black!

    See here, next to the Text button.

    A couple of observations about the Watch List:

    a) On the Discover page and on Search results, any programmes that are in your Watch List have a little "tick-in-circle" icon in the bottom left next to the play icon. However, this does not appear on the programme in the Guide. I would expect it to be consistent.

    b) As I think noted elsewhere by Sarah, not all players allow you to add to the Watch List. Why that should be, I'm not sure. Interestingly, I cannot add from Netflix, but I can add from NowTV. (I have subscriptions to neither of these services, btw.)

    In the course of testing this new feature, I noticed that accessing NowTV causes my box to immediatey reboot. I can't say if this is caused by this latest update as I haven't tried to access NowTV for some time. So I then tried to launch Netfix. This seemed to start-up ok with the large red Netflix logo onscreen, but then gave the error message saying it had failed to load.

    So I went to the Settings page to Update Players & Apps, but that gave the "We can't update Players & Apps" message. I remember this message was being incorrectly displayed after an update not so long go but was then fixed. Perhaps this bug has reappeared, or perhaps it is true that my Players & Apps cannot be updated at the moment for some reason.

    I have a BT-DTRT2100 on the same line and I can confirm that NowTV launches fine on that, but Netflix has the same problem. And the Update Players & Apps function runs fine with no error message.
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    Well, in case anyone's interested, I seem to have fixed all 3 of the problems on my 360T (Netflix, NowTV, and Update Players & Apps) by doing the trusty Maintenance Mode Internet Recovery (a soft reset wasn't sufficient). (The DTRT2100 still has the Netflix problem though and I'd rather not do an MM4 on that if I can help it, and considering I don't subscribe to Netflix, I can live with that.)

    However, there still seems to be a problem on the 360T Watch List feature. Being able to add from NowTV seems to be hit and miss - sometimes it lets you add to the Watch List and sometimes it doesn't, even with the same programme. If you do get to add it to the Watch List, when you try to play it, NowTV launches but then gives the message "Something's not right". I know I don't subscribe to NowTV, but I do agree that something is indeed not right.
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    The page that links here, curiously, references the 70.45.146 release for the DN370T, but does not list it as a model supported by this release.

    But the next TalkTalk release, current for the DN360T and the DN372T only it seems, does correctly omit (abandon?) the DN370T.
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